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  • Soft sponge padding for extra comfort and space for other Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Adjustable hook and loop fastener to fit all sizes comfortably.
  • Clear shield visor for maximum clarity and protection.
  • Individually packed for easy handling.


# Material #

Visor – Clear plastic sheet
Padding – Soft sponge
Head strap – Hook and loop ‘velcro’ fastener

# Dimension #

Clear shield visor – 298mm x 0.2mm x 210mm
Sponge pad – 210mm x 25mm x 25mm
Box of 25 – 550mm x 430mm x 180mm

# Weight #

Single pack – Approximately 50g
Box of 25 – Approximately 2.0kg

# Expiry Date #

5 years after the manufacturing date

# Other Information #

The visor has an extremely high strength to weight ratio, shattered-proof and high tensility to avoid breaking which may cause injuries.

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