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Minimum size for maximum performance
  • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation
  • 4 h of battery operating time
  • Independence from gas cylinders or compressors
  • Integrated high flow oxygen therapy
  • Noninvasive ventilation

Requiring only a minimum of space, the HAMILTON-C1 combines invasive and noninvasive modes as well as high flow oxygen therapy with maximum mobility. This makes it an ideal companion for all patient groups in the intensive care unit, emergency ward, recovery room or intermediate care, long-term acute care facilities, and during intrahospital transport.

The integrated high-performance turbine enables the HAMILTON-C1 to be completely independent from compressed air. In addition, it provides a peak flow rate of up to 260 l/min, guaranteeing optimal performance even in noninvasive ventilation.

The HAMILTON-C1 includes Hamilton Medical’s standardized Ventilation Cockpit user interface and the unique intelligent ventilation mode, Adaptive Support Ventilation® (ASV®).

Intelligent Ventilation built in & for long-term acute care

The HAMILTON-C1 ventilator combines a high level of performance with flexibility, ease of use, and maximum mobility. This makes it an ideal companion for your long-term ventilated patients at the bedside and during intrahospital transports.

Ease of use

Improved patient safety and comfort

Increased efficiency

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