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This sterile device is intended to use to humidify breathing gas, especially oxygen prior to delivery to the patient.

The device is used with various breathing gas sources including oxygen concentrators, gas cylinders and wall outlets which are connected to patients via cannulas and face masks.


Product Intended Use:

The intended use of this device is to moisturize breathing gases for patients. Humiflo is designed to be used with oxygen concentrators or gas sources in hospitals, personal homes for home care, extended care facilities and hospice. Humiflo is a sterile device indicated for single-patient usage.

Humiflo is also highly recommended for hazardous patients or isolation wards to help eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Humiflo is particularly good in ensuring proper humidification especially for patients requiring long hours of oxygen admission and also on high flow rate.


  • Approximate volume of 340ml
  • For use between 0-15LPM


  • Approximate volume of 350ml
  • For use between 0-15LPM


  • Approximate volume of 450ml
  • For use between 0-6LPM


  • Approximate volume of 500ml
  • For use between 0-6LPM
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