Keeping your insulin cool and protected from the searing heat of the Malaysian weather is easier said than done. It is not easy to keep insulin at optimal temperature, especially for those who are always on the go.


How Eviacool Works:

Thanks to the advanced, patented insulation technology, Eviacool keeps your insulin pen cool passively without the need for ice, water or refrigeration. Technology from the United Kingdom.


With Eviacool small and lightweight features, easily bring your insulin without the hassle of big, bulky ice boxes, mini-fridge and cooler bags. Eviacool fits in your handbag and even pockets.

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Fits like a glove:

Eviacool is designed to fit both multi-refillable and disposable insulin pens. Each model comes with a set of interchangeable adapters to best fit your insulin pen.


The Best One For You:

It’s time to know which is the right cool for you. Browse the specifications of Eviacool models below.

  • MDA Malaysia registered product
  • Scientifically proven to protect insulin from overheating or freezing
  • No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration or a battery change
  • Works every day for years with zero maintenance Built-in temperature sensor with easy to read temperature indicator
  • One-click ready to go
  • Small & lightweight – fits in your pocket


Eviacool Plus for Multi-Refillable Insulin Pen


For use with insulin pen models below:

  • Sanofi: ClikSTAR
  • Eli Lilly: Luxura, Luxura HD, Ergo II, Savvio
  • NovoNordisk: NovoPen4, NovoPen5, NovoPen Echo



Eviacool for Disposable Insulin Pen


For use with insulin pen models below:

  • KwikPen
  • FlexPen, FlexTouch
  • SoloStar * Toujeo model is not suitable for use with Eviacool


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